Submission status

The status code of the submission defines the outcome of its execution. The codes that Sphere Engine uses for labeling submissions are unified all over the module components. This consistent convention is used for API submissions, widgets JavaScript SDK events, webhook messages, partial results, etc.

Note: Values of the status codes are unified also across Sphere Engine modules. In this case, the meaning of some values can have slightly different meanings (e.g., "success" vs "correct", "compilation error" vs "build error"). Some values may also not being present. These minor differences are always in line with differences between modules.

The following two tables present available values of the status code.

List of transient submission states

Status Name Description
0 waiting waiting in the queue
1,2 compilation program is being compiled (for compiled languages)
3 execution program is being executed
4 compiling judge compilation of the judge (for judges implemented in compiled languages)
5 executing judge execution of the judge program
6 compiling master judge compilation of the master judge (for judges implemented in compiled languages)
7 executing master judge execution of the master judge program
8 testing program the program is being tested

List of final submission states

Status Name Description
11 compilation error the program could not be executed due to a compilation error
12 runtime error an error occurred while the program was running (e.g., division by zero)
13 time limit exceeded the program exceeded the time limit
14 wrong answer incorrect solution
15 accepted correct solution
17 memory limit exceeded the program exceeded the memory limit
19 illegal system call the program tried to call illegal system function
20 internal error an unexpected error occurred on the Sphere Engine side
try making the submission again and if this occurs again, please contact us
21 judge error test case judge or master judge error
22 problem error problem configuration error