Handbook - Introduction

This entire section is dedicated to professionals and students alike eager to learn how to create programming problems (also called "programming assignments" or "programming challenges") for the Problems module of the Sphere Engine service. 10 years of cumulative experience has enabled us to build a powerful tool that can be used to create high-quality content for educational, recruitment, and competitive programming purposes.

At Sphere Engine we focus on the essence of the topic at hand, meaning that we avoid any references to our systems' user interface. If you already have experience in creating programming problems for Online Judge systems you can go straight to the Problems Editor where you can find guidelines that will help you to learn about the user interface.

The Handbook consists of the following chapters:

  • Glossary - naming conventions used in this handbook,
  • Submission Flow - how submissions are executed in the context of a programming problem,
  • Introduction to Online Judges - introducing the general idea that forms the basis of Online Judge systems,
  • Problems - deep insight into programming problem construction,
  • Problems Example - a more advanced example with full details,
  • Judges - insight into the topic of built-in general purpose judges (with examples),
  • Custom Judges - more about implementing your own test case and master judges,
  • Related topics - further and deeper understanding of many aspects of the process for creating programming problems.