Sphere Engine Compilers overview

Sphere Engine Compilers module is a service that enables remote execution of computer programs and retrieving the results of their execution. It allows for:

  • executing the source code of the program,
  • specifying the input data for which we want to execute the program (optional)
  • retrieving the execution results, including:
    • errors and warnings about the source code (e.g. compilation errors),
    • output data,
    • run-time errors,
    • execution time,
    • memory consumption.

The diagram below illustrates the steps that the program goes through from the moment it is sent to the execution results:

Submission in Sphere Engine Compilers
Fig. 1. Submission in Sphere Engine Compilers

What can I use it for?

Sphere Engine Compilers is perfect for creating:

  • recruitment platforms with the ability to run code written by candidates
  • e-learning programming courses with executable examples of code
  • systems for sharing executable source code
  • online Integrated Development Environments
  • interactive massive open online courses (MOOCs)

What are the methods of integration?

There are three methods of integrating with Compilers module: