Sphere Engine overview

What is Sphere Engine?

Sphere Engine is a set of APIs and software components that enable creating coding assessment solutions and online code execution environments.

Sphere Engine allows for remote execution of computer programs in a secure run-time environment. Programs can be executed in one of many supported programming languages, including C++, C#, Go, Haskell, Java, Kotlin, Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby, Scala or Swift (full list of supported programming languages.)

Sphere Engine can be used in many areas, including:

  • education (learning to program),
  • e-learning courses (interactive examples and exercises),
  • internal training,
  • recruitment (verification of IT skills),
  • software documentation and SDKs,
  • competitive programming,
  • hackathons and programming contests,
  • other applications that require a run-time environment.

Important: For full access to Sphere Engine APIs and configuration options please register for a Sphere Engine account by filling in the sign-up form. After completing the registration form, please activate your account using the link sent to your email.

What modules does it consist of?

Sphere Engine is divided into three modules:

  • Compilers - allowing for executing computer programs,
  • Problems - enabling automatic verification of the correctness of computer programs in the context of a programming problem,
  • IDE (Beta) - allowing for creating online IDEs and enabling automatic verification of computer programs in scenarios involving latest software technologies.

What are the methods of integration?

All modules support integration with either of the three independent methods:

  • Widget integration - a quick and easy method of integration, recommended for the extension of existing projects,
  • RESTful API - a highly configurable way of integration, recommended for building dedicated applications from scratch,
  • Webhooks - designed to deliver a reliable and efficient method for event communication, a perfect complementation of both aforementioned methods.

Sphere Engine Problems module additionally supports LMS integration through an LTI tool.

Which API version should I use?

Please use version 4 of our APIs, which is the latest one. We have moved from API Version 3 to API Version 4 in 2018 (full list of changes).

How to obtain Sphere Engine API tokens?

After logging in to the Sphere Engine client panel, go to the API Tokens section to obtain your API tokens.

How to give feedback and where to look for support?

If you have any feedback regarding this documentation or the product, please send us an email.

For support please contact our technical team.