Integrating Problems LTI tool with Schoology

Integrate Sphere Engine Problems LTI tool with Schoology by following this short tutorial. s

Integration with the system

Before using the Sphere Engine Problems LTI tool in Schoology, you must create a configuration in the course settings. In the Course Options section (1) go to External Tool Providers (2).

Fig. 1. Adding the configuration

After clicking the Add External Tool Provider button (3), you will be able to configure the Problems LTI tool.

Fig. 2. Configuration parameters

Fill in the fields in the dialogue box that appears. The Configuration Type field (4) allows you to choose one of two variants - both are supported by Sphere Engine Problems LTI tool:

  • manual (all configuration parameters must be entered manually),
  • configuration using data in the XML format (based on the data displayed in the XML config tab in the Sphere Engine client panel).

When choosing an automated configuration (by providing XML data), you will only need to enter two parameters:

  • customer key (5),
  • shared secret (6).

Using a programming problem in a course

In Schoology, a programming problem can be included in the course as "material" after clicking the Add Materials button (1). Select an item from the available list Add File / Link / External tool (2).

Fig. 3. Adding a programming problem to the course

In the dialogue box, select the External tool item (3). The next dialogue box is used to configure the tool. Add the programming problem to the course by selecting the Sphere Engine for Education option from the Tool provider list (4). In addition, the title of the attached material should also be specified (in the Title field (5)).

Other configuration options are set automatically based on the data provided during the preconfiguration.

Fig. 4. Problem settings in the course

Note: Selecting the additional option called Enable grading (6) allows the Problems LTI tool to send grades to the gradebook.