Problems - LTI tool overview

Sphere Engine Problems LTI tool (also referred to as Sphere Engine for Education) allows integrating Problems module with learning management systems that support the LTI standard (e.g. Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle).

Sphere Engine Problems module is a service that allows you to manage programming problems and automatically verify their solutions.

Detailed information about the Sphere Engine Problems module can be found in the overview article.

After integrating with the Sphere Engine LTI tool, it is possible to supplement the materials provided inside the LMS platform with interactive programming problems that can then be solved by students.

Programming problems can be used as:

  • homework,
  • exercises for lessons or lectures,
  • an additional task for students,
  • a contest assignment.

See how it works

The following programming problem has been presented in the student mode. In the teacher mode, additional configuration features and the ability to view submissions, are available.

Try it out in our LMS

After completing the application form available on the Sphere Engine for Education landing page, you can obtain access to the demo version of the Canvas LMS with Sphere Engine Problems LTI tool already integrated inside. The platform has an exemplary programming course presenting the features of Sphere Engine for Education.